Customer Experience Management is About Building Relationships

In its most apt definition, “experience” is about the process of living through an event. Customer Experience Management is a much touted word which spells variations ranging from “excite the customer” to “retain the customer”. Between this continuum, is a process, a set of events that a customer goes through which defines his or her “experience” is.

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Customer Experience Management is the close alignment of  processes which ensures sales and marketing teams support their rhetorics and deliver organisational results. A customer experience builds from the first cold-call or meeting and lasts for infinitum. Here is where relationships become the core of the experience. Relationships build trust and provide customers with confidence.

So, it’s not always about the product or service? The simple answer is No. While a company will be cooking up cool products and services with a “wow factor”, conversation of a wow to a purchase order is a completely different challenge. I have seen umpteen companies selling average looking mediocre products, but have been crafted by listening intently to customers over a period of time. In almost all instances, the customer bought the “experience” and not the product.

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I have also heard success stories from my peers and ex-colleagues on how they have pursued building stronger relationships with customers who did not buy their products than the ones who actually did, to succeed in the long run.

Customers are humans and like having trusted individuals around them.  Organisations need to build the “wows” in their relationships, engagements and customer experience management models to succeed in todays world. Products and services will come and go. What will stay ad infinitum will be relationships.


Girish Gopalakrishnan heads Delivery for Appeariton Pty limited. He can be reached on

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A Culture of Trust Series: Lego Serious Play

Seeing is believing – CX and Lego


Awkward conversations. We’ve all been in them – with loved ones, with baristas who misspell our names, sometimes with mysterious strangers at train stations. At times unavoidable and generally unpredictable, as humans, we grow to identify tell-tale signs of discomfort as it slithers around the corner unforgivingly toward us.

As professionals, these conversations come in differing shapes and sizes, and with far higher frequency – with colleagues, more often so with suppliers and of course, the client who just doesn’t get it. Or so we tell ourselves.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to attend a workshop run Lego Serious Play. Naturally, “Lego” and “serious play” come as an intriguing dichotomy. However, Lego Serious Play is in fact an accredited training program used internationally to assist businesses with workshops designed to improve teamwork and communication.

Our session was a slightly abridged version that lasted 90 minutes, with 4 key tasks set out for us to complete – and build!

Task 1:

Think of a recent experience that made you feel like a valuable customer.


A rather conservative block, with a level of comfort (almost throne-like) and a general sense of satisfaction.


Treat your customers with respect if you want to earn their trust.

“Customers may forget your words, but never the way you made them feel.”




Task 2:

How do you believe your customers view your company?


Partners up the steps to success

(from the customer’s point of view)



Step 1 – Treat me as a valued client!

Step 2 – Help me save money!

Step 3 – Keep your invoice amount low!

Step 4 – Even when our partnership has been successful – I am always watching you!



Task 1 v/s Task 2 – a customer’s impression of their experience will always be more conservative than we expect.

“It’s not our story, but the collective journey of our customers and us!”


3   4

Task 3:

What do you think your clients are looking for from you?


Seeking guides to unchartered territory.

*As a caveat, working in frontier technology invariably means that a number of leads that we generate are curious to learn from us (and with us).


Our clients are coming to us because they recognize that we have the resources or the knowledge to assist them. Do right by your customers, because they are placing their trust in you.

“With great power comes great responsibility”




Task 4:

How do you want your clients to feel when they think of your business?


Our clients are on top of the mountain of their goals, basking the treasure chest of success. They get to wear Top-hats like the epitome of success – the Monopoly Man.

We get to wear the hats of wizards – and strike a pose.


Find a sense of pride in your customer’s success. Your win, is our win. Put your trust in us, and we will guide you to the top.

“Strive to enable the success of others”


In summary;

“Customers may forget your words, but never the way you made them feel.”

“It’s not just our story, but the collective journey of our customers and us!”

“With great power comes great responsibility”

“Strive to enable the success of others”


The challenge with frontier technology, and augmented reality in particular, is that mass media presents it in consumer renditions such as games and marketing campaigns. While these are valid engaging formats – AR offers a wide array of other solutions that can assist your company run faster, cheaper and we guarantee your customers will never forget their first AR experience.

We would like to help you make that happen, and look forward to hearing from you when you think the time is right.