Staff blog: How does team diversity contribute when things do not go to plan?

As it does in life, at times even the best laid plans go astray and at Appearition, we believe that if there are no bumps along the way then we are not moving forward. A mix of age groups bring to the table a mix of thought patterns and reactions in crisis. In addition to this, varied backgrounds, thought processes and internal value systems curate a unique “team voice”.

This collective perspective enables different cognitive models for looking at and understanding issues. Individual mental models are driven largely by assumptions and personal belief systems. When aggregated – these give the team a common sense of value and perspective, which become particularly useful when approaching complex business decision. Consistently, we have found teamwork to result in more efficient solutions with clearer directives for all involved.

blog-diversity-img1However, we mustn’t forget that too many cooks spoil the broth – and within the diversity that we strive to incorporate into building our teams, clear leadership becomes a critical to success.

Another critical factor is education and training. The knowledge that a team is diverse and people come from different backgrounds needs to be inculcated as a strength – and team members should be comfortable enough to identify each other’s strengths (and weaknesses) as well as their own while developing solutions.

Encouraging conversations and dialogues with an emphasis on people’s backgrounds as well as celebrating shared milestones and personal triumphs lead to an increased awareness in times of conflict, enabling objectivity.

Here at Appearition problems are thrown at us daily and we strive to use our diverse team strengths to provide sustainable solutions for these. Be it a simple decision regarding the coffee machine in our office pantry or identifying the best solution to a customer challenge – the team brings our best to the table.



Staff blog: Diversity for Creativity

Amongst the numerous companies I have both worked for and worked with, I have always wondered what makes working in Appearition such a different experience. Numerous things come to mind, such as working with leading edge technology – augmented and virtual reality – or the size of the organization and how it contributes to nimble problem solving, but what stands out is the team itself – and the enjoyable exchanges that arise as we analyze challenges and develop solutions.

It is common knowledge that the team you work with plays a critical role in one’s personal level of job satisfaction. But what is it about this team that makes coming to work more interesting? Could it the communal participation of being part of a group and solving problems daily? At Appearition, it is the diversity which makes it enjoyable.

Diversity is not simply the varied ethnic background people hail from. It is also the spread in age groups, varied levels of of experience, and the amalgamation of multiple value systems and personal beliefs which make our team special. From the outside, a team of like-minded people appears cohesive – but underneath, if everyone is thinking alike then is anyone really thinking? Diversity brings forth a variation in thoughts offering a challenge to status quo.

At Appearition, we have team members ranging in age group from Millenials to Baby boomers. This blend of generations has given us the ability to develop new approaches problem solving whilst aligning to the bigger picture and vision we all share for our company.

Often having people on the team who have “been there and done that” means they can see envision some loop holes, even in what we sometimes believe to be our best laid plans. The younger generation – more savvy and tech-aware (sometimes!) combine a fresh and young “here’s the new tool which can help” attitude, contributing in their own unique way.